Letters to the Editor

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Real History Lesson on Slavery

I disagree with the story of the “first” Africans landing in Virginia in 1619. I mean, honestly, how do we know this for sure and why are we repeating it as fact? There are so many different accounts from scholars of all colors and cultures, but this is the narrative we’re riding with? Why? On top of everything, this so-called “commemoration” of African slaves, but no substantive move towards reparations? Sorry, I’m not buying it.

Opal A.
Washington, D.C.

Ward 8 Takes Step in Right Direction

I’m overjoyed by Busboys and Poets opening in Anacostia. A real sit-down restaurant with healthy, nutritious and even vegan options. This is the beginning of the renaissance of Anacostia, and not the gentrification. All it takes is one brave soul to make a step and the others will follow. Businesses and jobs the residents benefit from are needed. Ward 8 is indeed rising.

Deborah F.
Washington, D.C.

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