Letters to the Editor

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: B. Smith Deserves Better

During Delta Sigma Theta’s 100th anniversary in 2013, I was passing through Union Station and decided to go in B. Smith’s restaurant. Lo and behold, B. Smith was actually there. She was so beautiful and graceful and it was a pleasure seeing a Black female icon in the flesh. To know that since then she’s been suffering with an insufferable disease and obviously an insufferable husband makes me disheartened. Why would he tarnish her legacy this way? And why are people aiding and abetting his foolishness?

Valerie Macklin
Washington, D.C.

Columnists Truly Represent Blacks

Each week I look forward to the opinions section with the columnists. They are always on point and truly capture the pulse of Black America, what we feel and our interest. I’d much rather listen to them than the puppets that are often propped up as the voice of us. Thanks, Informer, for keeping it real!

Tanya Latimore
Washington, D.C.

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