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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Bowser Giving Lip Service to Blacks?

What exactly is the Office of African American Affairs? I read that Mayor Bowser appointed a director of this interesting waste of government money. I mean, kudos to the sister and all, but this seems to me as merely a vanity position. What tangible things are supposed to come from this when half of the city’s residents are African American? Shouldn’t all of D.C.’s policy benefit us equally as we are full citizens and residents? The money being spent on salaries and pomp and circumstance could go to tangible things like food, housing, clothing and transportation.

Doris Fields
Washington, D.C.

Telling Black Immigrants’ Stories

What a story on the state of many Liberian immigrants that fear deportation by Sam P.K. Collins. I never really hear stories about African immigrants and what they may be facing, because the media is obsessed with Mexicans and illegal crossing of the border. I think it’s high time that the media, and especially the Black newspapers, be an advocate for Black immigrants. We can not let them be overlooked in plain sight.

James Neely
Washington, D.C.

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