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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Gray Admirable for Safeway Fight

The article by Stacy Brown, “Gray Turns Up Heat on Safeway After Surprise Inspections,” was right on time. Safeway should be fined for the way it keeps its stores east of the river. Everyone who lives over here knows that Safeway doesn’t give two cents in the way it keeps its stores. Everything that was said in that article was true — the meat, the so-called fresh vegetables, and a lot of the time the bread is old. We deserve to shop in the same manner as those who shop at the Safeways in other parts of the city, where they expect and get fresh foods. But you know what Safeway will do — they will say the stores east of the river are not profitable and will try to close them. If they try that, I hope Councilman Gray will tell them, “If you close the ones east of the river, all of the Safeways in D.C. have to close.”

Helen Morgan
Washington, D.C.

Cosby Hit by DA Double Standard

Your article in the Aug. 31, 2017 edition of The Informer, “Cosby Prosecutor’s Problematic Joe Paterno Push” by Stacy M. Brown, doesn’t surprise me at all. This district attorney wants to make a name for himself, and what better way than to use the Cosby case to do it? He wants to be tough on crime, or just some crime. You see, he doesn’t see Joe Paterno’s turning a blind eye to those horrible sex crimes at Penn State in the same manner. That’s how their justice works for them. It’s like when you hear all of the women tell how Donald Trump molested them, but instead of being prosecuted, he becomes president of the United States. You see, it’s their justice and they use it to their advantage. Instead of “justice” it should be “just them.”

Edward Lacy
Bowie, Md.

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