Letters to the Editor

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: New Arena Should Just be the Start

I was really excited to read about the new sports arena in Congress Heights. I had no idea such a development was coming to Ward 8 and I am happy it is, although I understand some frustrations that the money, time and energy that went into could have went to more pressing things. Like housing, the food desert we’re in, violence, but this is a start and it could be something good. As long as the residents in Congress Heights and the surrounding areas benefit through meaningful jobs this could be a really good thing.

Velva Jackson
Washington, D.C.

Did Cosby Get Raw Deal?

To me it just seems like there was a witch hunt against Bill Cosby. Why is he the only one going to jail? It makes me wonder, who did he piss off? Because, man, do they have it out for him. It’s very hard for me to believe that Mr. Cosby has done such things, but I recognize that I don’t even know my own family, let alone a stranger, to say what they are or aren’t capable of. I would love for Bill to confess and say why he did it. What is the root of the actions of drugging and having your way with women. Before he dies, I hope he will speak his piece. That’s all.

Katherine Lellim
Alexandria, Va.

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