Letters to the Editor

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: On the Road to Homeownership

I was very excited to read your homeownership supplement and as always, Washington Informer, you didn’t disappoint. I learn so much from your supplements and paper in general. I make sure to pick three or four papers up so that I can pass these out to my friends and family!

Leila Jones
Washington, D.C.

Look Inward to Address Homophobia

I completely agree with your column editor. I think the touchiness about the “Arthur” episode showing gay characters has more to do with adults than children. The adults don’t want it shown or aired because of their own homophobia, period. Why act as if gay relationships aren’t a reality? They are. People need to understand that seeing two people of the same sex won’t turn someone gay just as much as seeing straight people can’t make someone not gay. I hope you get my point.

Jacqueline Dumas
Largo, Md.

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