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MUHAMMAD: Welcome Back, U.S. Anti-War Movement

Now that this president appears to be bored with his parlor games — emboldening white racists everywhere, using desperate asylum seekers (especially children) as his personal political punching bag, lining his pockets by regularly vacationing at his own resorts at the government’s expense, stacking the courts and stiffing the Congress, hastening the pollution of the air, the rivers and the oceans, and wreaking worldwide economic havoc to be paid for by American consumers by battling U.S. allies and adversaries alike, lying about his great victories at a rate which would make Nazi Joseph Goebbels blush — Dude appears to be ready to try his hand at weaponized warfare in Venezuela and Iran, along with ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Never mind that no country can successfully fight wars in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East all at the same time (just read Sun Tzu’s 2,000-year-old “The Art of War”) while encouraging an armed rebellion of white meth addicts against everyone non-white at home. Never mind that all empires in the past have crumbled from rot within.

Thankfully, however, the U.S. anti-war movement has sprung to life, just in time.

Folks in CODEPINK Women for Peace, the ANSWER Coalition, Veterans for Peace and others have now mobilized in the streets (in small numbers at first) to oppose the evil Trump regime, the way they did by the tens of thousands during the administration of George W. Bush when he fooled the country into attacking Saddam Hussein, whose nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” posed absolutely no threat to this country.

Despite objections from European military authorities — and from some of his own military commanders — Trump has resorted to old, failed playbooks in order to launch his wicked plans.

They tried the disastrous Bay of Pigs model from the failed Cuba invasion to try to foment an uprising in Venezuela, in order to install a puppet who did not receive one single vote in the country’s recent presidential election. This latest uprising went nowhere. A few troops, maybe a platoon’s worth, and later one general defected. But there was no general uprising, despite the fact that U.S. imposed sanctions, embargoes and outright theft are punishing the ordinary people by the millions in the country with the world’s largest known oil reserves.

Next, he sent a naval aircraft carrier strike group into the waters off Iran and threatened to send 120,000 troops into the region because a few Iranian patrol boats are said to have dangerous missiles on them, and because Iranians allegedly attacked a tanker. This was a redux of the Tonkin Gulf scenario which the Pentagon lied about in order to drag this country into the disastrous Vietnam War.

Picture the absurdity of what the Trump regime’s strategists would have the world believe: a few small boats with crews of maybe 100 men each, which have been around for years, are now going to go up against a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (with a crew of 5,000 or more and hundreds of planes), a nuclear powered cruiser with thousands and thousands of missiles on board, and a destroyer task force with thousands of more missiles. Those Iranian nihilists are supposedly ready to bring certain suicide and the utter destruction of their nation’s infrastructure by launching a futile attack against American “interests” in the region. Nonsense.

Since 500 B.C., the Persian Empire has never attacked any of its neighbors or waged war outside its own borders. Since its founding less than 300 years ago, the U.S. has not had one single decade when the country was not at war with someone. Who’s the aggressor in this scenario? If there was an attack against an oil tanker in the region, it was certainly a “false flag” operation, in which U.S. commandos wore enemy uniforms and flew the flag of an opposing force, attacking their own country’s assets. The history of such fake military attacks goes back to white men wearing Indian makeup and clothes and attacking villages or settlements.

So CODEPINK and ANWER got “woke” and recently led a demonstration and march to the White House to protest the dastardly takeover of the Venezuelan embassy, and the Trump regime’s saber-rattling over Iran, to say in a loud voice: “NO WAR!” I agree!

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Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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