The Picture NYPD Used to Arrest James Blake Was of Respected Australian Designer Sean Satha

Sean Satha of Local Supply
Sean Satha of Local Supply

(Daily Kos) – Let me try to unravel this incompetent mess.

The New York Police Department trusted a man with enough racial profiling and brutality complaints filed against him to last a lifetime, Officer James Frascatore, to investigate an identity theft complaint that they believed focused on a black man that looked like tennis star James Blake.

Except, we now know the man they thought they were looking for had nothing to do with the identity theft at all. His name is Sean Satha and he is an Australian sunglass designer working for a popular company called Local Supply.  Not only did Sean Satha have nothing to do with the identity theft, he wasn’t even on the continent when the NYPD was armed with his photo and began looking for him in a midtown Manhattan hotel lobby.

The NYPD claims a company called GoButler gave them Sean Satha’s photo, but they now admit that neither Sean Satha or James Blake had anything at all to do with this case of identity theft. Basically, this all confirms that the last agency you ever want investigating a case of identity theft is the NYPD—which has clearly shown it will railroad every black man in sight in the name of solving a case.


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