EDITORIAL: Hands that Rock the Cradle Poised to Rock Trump

The Women’s March 2019 returns to the District, Saturday, Jan. 19, for a day of protest, solidarity and soul-searching during the still-emerging and now annual event which will also include the contributions of those in over 200 other “sister marches” held concurrently in cities large and small throughout the U.S. and dozens more around the world.

And if the past serves as an indication, we’ll undoubtedly witness a cavalcade of mostly women, hundreds of thousands in fact, supported by an estimated 175 organizational partners, according to national organizers, as they illustrate the diversity and vibrancy of an ongoing Women’s March Movement whose participants refuse to allow the past and its related indignities thrust upon them to define their present or future.

Even more, we hear that this time around these “hands that rock the cradle,” armed with a carefully-developed agenda, are determined to rock the world of Donald Trump, among others, in a country where women routinely find themselves relegated to second-class citizenry, both viewed and treated as “objects” for the pleasures of men in a still male-dominated society.

Yes, the #WomensWave is coming as they mark two years of resistance to Trump’s presidency and policies, two years of gearing up activists and two years of building power. Rachel O’Leary Carmona, COO of the Women’s March, said that despite the government shutdown, “while the president stokes fear and hatred, women will rise – high enough and strong enough to break down any wall.”

“Hundreds of thousands of women across America and the world [will] flood the streets to demand justice and equality for All of us,” she wrote, with optics that will include 15-feet-high waves, signs and banners.

And for the record, this will not be a cute little sing-along during which sisters will serenade one another with lines from “Kum-Ba-Yah.” This time around, America can expect to see the unveiling of a new federal policy platform, the brainchild of experts committed to the women’s movement entitled, “The Women’s Agenda.”

Change only comes with persistence, planning, hard work, sacrifice – even blood, sweat and tears. But that’s nothing new for the majority of women, no matter where they live, what color they may be, or their economic or educational status.

Sojourner Truth would be proud.

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