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MUHAMMAD: As Far as Annoyances Go, Trump’s the Very Worst

I’m a pretty average Joe when it comes to annoyances. I really hate it when I stub my toe. I don’t like it at all when I bump my head.

Then I go deeper. I’m really disturbed that a grown policeman, would handcuff and arrest a 6-year-old girl and “run her in” to the station in the back of a squad car for a mugshot, because she threw a temper tantrum at school.

And I also get bent out of shape when airline pilots show up for work drunk, and when Supreme Court justices get confirmed despite a long history of private misbehavior.

But none of life’s real aggravations can rise to the level of pure discomfort I feel when I simply have to gaze at anything (much less at his image) that reminds me of Donald J. Trump. He is as revolting as it gets for me.

Trump was like Edward G. Robinson, the classic 1940s gangster actor, when he got into it with an anonymous whistleblower who questioned Dude’s possibly traitorous telephone conversation with the new president of Ukraine in late July. The whistleblower’s report centered on several conversations involving Trump and Ukraine, and a promise Trump made to that leader that was so alarming that it drove a U.S. intelligence official to file the complaint. Trump was busted.

“Also, who is this so-called ‘whistleblower’ who doesn’t know the correct facts,” Trump said in a tweet while he attended a United Nations gathering in New York as the storm swirled around him. “Is he on our Country’s side. Where does he come from.”

Better still, where is this whistleblower going? Witness protection?

“You-u, dirty rat,” Little Caesar would swear in such circumstances growling about some snitch in his criminal ranks, and everyone in the audience would know that someone in that movie was going to get “plugged.”

A whistleblower is a person who exposes information or activities that are unlawful, unethical or in violation of a company’s policy. Federal whistleblower protection laws and most states’ laws make it illegal to retaliate against an employee who reports employer violations or misconduct. Rules like that don’t apply to The Donald.

In this case, the whistleblower is not some al Qaeda sympathizer who infiltrated the highest ranks of the U.S. intelligence establishment, just so that one day they could launch yet another “witch hunt” against this crooked president. The person obviously had the very highest security clearance in order to be able to monitor a phone call between the POTUS and another head of state. Trust me, this person is not a traitor. This person had extensive security background checks before getting to the job of listening in on presidential calls.

Trump now has manufactured his own undoing — that is if there’s some “Untouchable,” Elliot Ness-like character who’s willing to risk his/her own political life to take down this elected official who has transformed himself into an invincible ruler.

Trump does not believe the “law” can get him, because he’s the chief law enforcer. He believes he deserves to be reelected to an unconstitutional third term in 2024, and that if he doesn’t appear on the surface to legitimately win the presidential race in 2020, he’s prepared to declare that election invalid, refuse to ever leave office, and dare anyone (confident that neither the courts he’s stacked nor the Republicans in the Senate or the House will ever defy him) to try to remove him from the White House. Only a landslide against him will convince those quisling Republicans in Congress who call themselves elected “leaders” to stand up and perform their constitutional duty in the face of this emerging tyrant.

Trump believes he is destined to be “President for Life.” Trump believes that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump believes that he deserves a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony, and that as presidents go (and as historical world figures like Lincoln and Churchill go, for that matter), he believes he is the GOAT — Greatest of All Time.

So I’m more than a little annoyed with this bum who will lie and cheat repeatedly, for no reason except to lie and cheat and to be ugly, brutish and low-down.

For me, Donald J. Trump is like a disgusting turd in 21st century civilization’s punch bowl, and he literally turns my stomach.

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Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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